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Your CD Master...

.....will need to be a production ready CD that requires no further work. ie: songs in the right order, correctly spaced gaps and with no unwanted clicks or noises between tracks.

However, don't worry if your master requires some additional work to get it to this stage as we can do this for you in our Mastering Suite. Please phone us on 0208 466 7435 or click here for further information as to what is possible when you are mastering.

In-house CD mastering

We will transfer your CD on to computer before writing the "P+Q" sheet, which is basically the information about how many songs there are, their running times, etc. We also utilise specialist software to make your CDs as loud as possible, and will provide you with a test CD for your evaluation.

Once done, we create a "Red Book" standard CD - ie : one which conforms with the CD plants technical requirements, and from which they can create a "glass master" for mass producing your CDs.

It is very important that you listen to the test CD and check everything very carefully before giving us your final approval to start production, as this is what all your CDs will sound like.

Full 24-track recording facilities available if required.
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